Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters. (1 Pet. 2:18)

I GOT UP TO HUNT FOR A SNACK. Returning to my seat, I dropped a half-eaten peanut. Thirty minutes later, an ant convention had gathered. The nut dwarfed the tiny ants, but they were not at all intimidated by its magnitude. As they sized up their situation, the ants decided to move the nut. I was so enthralled by their progress that I waited to see the result.

An hour later, a trail had formed from the peanut to the doorframe; they had called in reinforcements. They were disassembling the food one speck at a time.

How does an ant get the word out to the colony that it has found provisions? And how do the troops marching in know how to take apart something that towers over them? With human beings, somebody has to lead, and somebody has to follow.

I’ve been in job situations where many wanted to be in charge, but no one wanted to follow. In that environment, very little got accomplished. The most productive workdays were ones where everyone played follow-the-leader, and no one said, “I’m gonna do it my way!”

What does it mean to submit to your boss? Jesus modeled a way to die to self and live for righteousness. When a throng of workers decides to do what’s right, they can move mountains!

Look for ways to help your boss.

Sally Ferguson and her husband enjoy treasure hunting together at garage sales.