They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)

WHEN WE LIVED IN ZIMBABWE, I asked Sikhumbuzo what drew him to the Sihlengeni church near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He shared that one big attraction was the Christians who attended the church. They were so devoted in their desire to reach young people with the gospel message. The members were continually walking the dusty roads of the village and building relationships with teenagers. In less than a year, over twenty teens were regularly coming to the worship services. On Tuesday mornings, fifteen people gathered at the church to pray for their village.

Sikhumbuzo said, “The church members care for us. Since there is not much for young people to do in the village, the church members are always coming up with activities we can participate in. For example, they organize many sponsored football (soccer) games which attract young people to come out to either play or watch. Two ladies in the church are teaching teenage girls how to cook. Some of the men in the church are teaching us how to make brick blocks and build. There is even a class that is teaching us how to read, write, and speak the English language. The church people are so devoted to us, and their devotion has inspired me to be devoted to God, his church, his Bible, and his teachings.”

Be devoted to God and to serving people around you.

Jim “Umf” Lo is a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, cross-cultural leader, intercessor, and author of several books including Unholiness: Overcoming the Forces That Attack Your Soul (WPH).

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