Every skilled person to whom the Lord has given skill and ability . . . are to do the work just as the Lord has commanded. (Ex. 36:1)

The news about the local supermarket shocked us. We can no longer shop there now. The store had been so close and convenient for us, but now its foundation was cracked and worsening rapidly. The culprit was a building project next door. Apparently, once the new construction started, the rumbling of heavy equipment had damaged the neighboring building.

God gifted Bezalel, Oholiab and other workers “with skill and ability to know how to carry out all the work of constructing”. Also, they were “to do the work just as the Lord commanded.” Any other plan would not have produced the same results and could have created many problems for worship among the body of believers. God gave specific directions about who should be doing the work in his sanctuary. Other workers would not have had God-given expertise and proficiency to do the job. God-given insight and blueprints combined to form the perfect plan for success.

We can learn a lot from these early workers in Exodus. They trusted in God’s instructions and plans and did the work as God commanded. We, too, need to listen to God’s plans revealed to us in the Bible and prayer, and proceed in each detail of spiritual work the way God directs. When we are careful to follow God’s directives, we will have a solid foundation and glorify God in all we do.

Pray about how you can obey God more fully.

Caryl Aukerman—wife, missionary, and mother of three—has served with Global Partners in the country of Albania for over twelve years.

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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.