With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling. (2 Thess. 1:11)

Preacher Ralph is what they called him. A derogatory nickname because the group he regularly attended wasn’t a Christian group. When it was Ralph’s turn to speak, he nearly always included testimony of God’s work in his life. He was known to quote Scripture, and it made others in the group either groan or squirm.

Being true to God and witnessing Jesus’ work on the cross came naturally to Ralph. Despite opposition, taunting, gossip, and avoidance, he kept talking. He knew that whoever acknowledges God before men will also be acknowledged before the Father (see Matt. 10:32). He considered God’s will and pleasure a better prize than man’s approval. Those in the group who groaned were those who taunted Ralph. He didn’t let it bother him. Those who squirmed wanted him to stop for his own sake. Others squirmed because they took it to heart.

I was one of those people. Ralph never knew the impact he had on me. I’d been brought up in church and had even prayed for salvation. From Ralph, I heard the truth at a time when the Holy Spirit was calling my name. I returned to faith and to God.

Because of this, Preacher Ralph will be named worthy of his calling and Jesus will be glorified in him. He may have been persecuted, but God will never abandon him.

Share the truth fearlessly so people can be saved.

Paula Geister lives in Michigan and writes Bible studies for her church. She enjoys reading and watching her rabbit jump around the house.

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