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Yet you have not called on me, Jacob, you have not wearied yourselves for me, Israel.

(Isa. 43:22)

There always seems to be that one student in a classroom who questions every assignment, who loudly complains about the work involved, and who grumbles about the assigned task. What an obtuse and hard-hearted people we can be! God led the Israelites, not once, but twice, as a group, into his blessing. And they chose not to respond to him in thankfulness with praise; they did not call on their God or honor him with their sacrifices.

Two thieves were nailed to crosses with Christ. One chose to join the crowd, taunting, mocking, and jeering. Like the Israelites, he wearied God with his continual sin and offenses. The other thief chose to honor the sacrifice made on his behalf and asked for mercy. His reward was heaven. Two men who sinned in life and paid for their sins by death on a cross. One chose to continue in that sin while the other acknowledged the sustenance, love, and mercy that God alone provides.

How very different the outcome could have been for the first thief, but how typical his response seems to us. We read the stories of the exodus and rescue from captivity and wonder how one can ignore the miraculous events occurring before their eyes, or how one can turn aside, and count as nothing, the love shown through merciful provision.

Acknowledge the immense love the Father has bestowed.

Susan Gordon lives in Wadsworth, Ohio, where she enjoys serving in local organizations, biking, kayaking, exercising, and spending retirement making memories with her husband and grandchildren.

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