To God’s elect . . . scattered throughout . . . (1 Pet. 1:1)

While teaching on 1 Peter, Musa Mwenda stated, “It is clear that Peter was writing to both Jews and Gentiles. What is special is that the words and concepts, which had originally applied only to the Jews (the chosen nation), are now being applied to the Gentiles. What Peter wrote would have been considered heresy by the Jewish religious leaders of his day. In their way of thinking, Gentiles were outside the mercy of God; they were created to be fuel for the fires of hell.”

I heard Musa sharing these words while I was on a short-term mission trip, and I kept reflecting on them while I was traveling home. Taking the airline magazine from the seat pocket in front of me, I opened it to the pages that show all the countries of the world. I began to count how many of them I had been in and it amazed me that there are individuals in each of these countries who love God and are serving Him with great passion. I am thankful that God’s Son did not come to save Jews only, but Gentiles as well. God offers everyone His mercy and grace.

Thank God for making His grace available to all people.

Jim “Umf” Lo is the coauthor of Unholiness: Overcoming the Forces That Attack Your Soul.