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See that you also excel in this grace of giving. (2 Cor. 8:7)

I loved school. Well, maybe love is a bit strong—I tolerated it. Diagramming sentences made me smile. Algebra did not! All those Xs and Ys seemed like a foreign language to me; I excelled more in French class than in algebra. My parents asked me to give algebra the same diligence I did in other subjects.

Paul saw the Corinthian church excel in many ways. They had a deep faith in God; they articulated what God was doing in their lives. They taught others with profound insights, and they were passionate in their love for God and each other. While Paul saw their diligence in these matters, he also saw they were not as diligent in their giving.

Corinth was most known because it held control over two strategic ports. This contributed, in part, to why Corinth was able to thrive; many of its citizens were involved in the lucrative merchant trade. Knowing their wealth, Paul thought they should be giving more.

Much like the Corinthians, we often tend to be selfish with our money. We think if people would just work harder, they could be wealthy, too, while forgetting that outside influences often mandate how prosperous we become. God wants us to live with hands wide open, always giving—giving willingly, giving abundantly, and giving with joy.

Open your eyes to the needs around you—and give.

Pamela J. Kuhn’s husband is a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. Her favorite word is joy; her favorite place is anywhere that holds books and sells tea.

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