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This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. (Ezek. 37:5)

Expanded Passage: Ezekiel 37:1-14

As a society, we love a good restoration story. The “before” and “after” pictures of an old home and the new, shiny exterior of that antique car have us hooked in anticipation of the final reveal. Even more, the stories behind these restorations energize us, as we see new life brought to something when we would have thought its best days had gone by. These restoration stories offer a sense of hope.

This passage in Ezekiel takes restoration to another level. We are reminded in God’s Word that God is the restorer and transformer of souls. More than any cute house or fun car, God is in the business of bringing new life to broken people and igniting hope that lasts into eternity. The restoration that comes from the Lord brings hope that outlasts any big reveal.

As stories of restoration energize us, may we cling ever so tightly to the truth of who God is eternal. Within the difficult, there is hope. Within the loss, there is hope. Within the exhaustion, there is hope. Within the hurting, there is hope. Within spiritual death, there is hope. When the best days seem to have gone by, remember that we serve a God whose hope outlasts all earthly days. Hope is alive.

May we hold tight to the truth that hope is alive.

Laura Walls is a wife, a new mom, and an assistant pastor at Waterline Church. She enjoys laughing with friends, sitting around a campfire, and shopping at the local craft store.

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