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Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom. (James 2:12)

Expanded Passage: James 2:12-13

Looking in the mirror can be scary. What you see staring back at you will be startling if it is not what you expected. The clothes you are wearing may not match. They could even be snugger than before, and that’s just not good. Perhaps they were hit with a wrinkle grenade, and with little time left, you must pull out the iron. And what about that hair? Where did that grey hair come from. Or, didn’t I have hair there yesterday?

A mirror is simply an accountability tool that reveals what others see. Using a mirror allows us to make on-the-spot corrections so that we make a good appearance when out in public. This is what the law of God does for us. Throughout James’ letter, he placed a mirror before his audience. The mirror is God’s law. This mirror reflects the interior and reveals the heart’s condition. It prompts us to make corrections in our thoughts, words, and deeds so that they mirror our Father’s intent.

What should be abundantly clear through this week’s lessons is that in our own strength we cannot make all the corrections. That’s why we have a graceful and compassionate leader in Jesus who invites us into a transforming relationship. That relationship teaches us to radiate love to our world. That is a reflection the world is desperate to see.

Peer deeply into God’s mirror and make those righteous corrections.

Jim Miller is a chaplain in the Army National Guard. He and his wife, Renee, live in Washington, DC, and enjoy spending time traveling with their two children.

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