He who watches over you will not slumber. (Ps. 121:3)

“DADDY! DADDY! Come quick!” Katie screamed urgently. Her father trudged down the hallway into Katie’s room to find her with her blankets covering her eyes and her blonde hair barely peeking out from under the covers. “The closet! Check the closet again!” she begged. Her father willingly opened her closet door to reveal the absence of any monster or bogeyman.

As Katie settled down in her bed, her father placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “I won’t go to sleep quite yet. I will stay up to keep the monsters away.”

Her father went back to his office and examined the piles of bills on his desk. Even with picking up extra hours at his job, he just couldn’t get a firm grip on the household debts. The car payments, mortgage, and medical bills had become so monstrous that Katie’s dad had become frightened about his family’s financial future. Feeling incredibly overwhelmed, he ran his fingers through his graying hair and lowered his head.

While Katie’s dad was struggling, he recalled one of his favorite passages of Scripture—Psalm 121:3–4. He repeated it to himself: “He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Just as he, Katie’s dad, watched over his daughter while she slept, so he knew that God was watching over him and his family. He had nothing to fear.

Practice meditating on the Father’s promises.

Amy Knepp is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and is a stay-at-home mother of four children.