Listen to today’s devo!

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand may at your right hand, but it will not come near you. (Ps. 91:7)

Early in our ministry, we took a missions trip to the village outskirts of the Southern province of Zambia. After a day’s journey, we finally reached our destination. We were to be there for three days on an evangelistic outreach program. On the second day of our outreach, we were invited to a traditional village celebration. The African cuisine was the highlight of the day.

Unknown to us at the time, the food had been poisoned, and we were the main target. The entire village got ill except the team we had traveled along with. Having noticed that we had eaten the food and were not affected, the villagers were curious to know why. God used the opportunity for the gospel to be preached. Many believed in the power and existence of a true God that we were representing. What Satan meant for evil, God used to bring the village people to himself.

The person of Christ Jesus has given us authority and power to trample upon the works of Satan. We are to carry out our Savior’s mission fearlessly at all times. In the face of danger, the unknown God will always be there for us. When we pursue God’s business, he makes our business his own. God does not forsake his people. His promises are forever true and comforting.

Consider how faithful God has been to you knowingly and unknowingly.

Jim Machuku is an ordained minister, resident pastor at Mc3, and an educator. He is passionate about leadership development in Africa.

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