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What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? (James 4:1)

Expanded Passage: James 4:1-3

I have fond memories of looking through old sales catalogs as a child. I loved searching, cutting, and making my own paper dolls portraying me and my future family. My cutouts proved me to be a beautiful lady with a handsome husband. We had gorgeous children, some cute animals, and a car made from the catalog cover. These paper people represented my idea of happiness and perfection.

Many times, we compare ourselves to others as we witness their elaborate lifestyle. We wonder what is wrong with us if we are not like them and become envious of their power and fame, leading us to question why we cannot have a three-car garage, vacation home, or high salary job. In our conversations with God, we may focus on these requests for more expensive items and trips because we feel deserving. In addition, we covet the material things and social status of others, causing us to be miserable.

Comparing ourselves to others and coveting their livelihood brings discord. James said that chaotic relationships between people can be attributed to discontentment found in their individual hearts. Instead of striving to have the “perfect” life, look to the One who is perfect. He makes us content. He has everything that we need, and he is waiting to hear from us. For perfection, search for him!

Seek God in the desires of your heart.

Denise Moore Greene was raised in The Wesleyan Church and resides in North Carolina. She enjoys time with her children and five grandchildren.

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