“Say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says.’” (Ezek. 2:4)

AUTHORITY IS A PRECIOUS THING. When someone gives it to you, they are counting on you to fulfill a duty or carry out an assignment. You use the name of the person in charge to get others to do your bidding. Whether in the workplace, school, or within an organization, playing the authority card makes things happen.

Imagine having the authority of the Most High God. There would be no boundaries or barriers, nothing that could stop you from doing what you needed to do for Him. Our imagination could not contain the possibilities open to us if we possessed such clout.

But we do have the authority of God. We have it because we are His children. We have His Word to strengthen and empower us to go where He wants us to go and accomplish the things that will bring about His will for His people. We just have to recognize it, accept it, and begin to use it for His glory. He will send us to places unknown, but never without the power of His name.

We are chosen for a purpose, and we are given the tools to do the job. “This is what the Sovereign Lord says” (Ezek. 2:4). We can reach our dreams, tear down the walls that need to be removed, and move forward in His name. He said so.

List Scriptures that show the authority God has given you.

Jan Cline is an author, speaker, and founder and director of a Christian writers’ conference in the Northwest.

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