You are my portion, Lord; I have promised to obey your words. (Ps. 119:57)

“Why is it so hard to obey?” asked one of my children. “It should be easy because it is right.” That is a loaded question if I ever heard one. One thing is correct and sure; obedience is hard and that is not a very spiritual thing to say.

The answer to this question is found in verse 57. The author expressed total satisfaction with the Lord. All that he needed and desired was found in the Lord. His sustenance and longings were completely fulfilled and in the right amount by the Lord. He sought contentment in nothing else because nothing else could provide it. Obedience is hard because other things crowd out the only One who can bring happiness beyond measure. The writer purposed in his heart total devotion, prayed for gracious mercy to obey, repented of his futile ways, and obeyed immediately. Other hindrances affect our obedience like opposition or our environment. The psalmist was committed, and nothing would turn him away. There are some practices that help our obedience, like thankfulness and fellowship. Always finding a reason for gratitude in every situation keeps our focus on the Lord, whatever arises.

What brings you delight? Does it gratify completely the longing in your soul? Does it cause devotion or compromise? Are you stirred to public heartfelt thanks with believers? Obedience is easy when you’re looking for nothing else.

Reflect on your obedience and commit to obey with all your heart.

Ladrienne Cage McFarland enjoys spending time with family, listening to music, VBS, crafting, and studying God’s Word.

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