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He will not falter or be discouraged till he establishes justice on earth. (Isa. 42:4)

March Madness is alive and well this time of year. Millions have submitted their brackets in contests to see if anyone can pick this year’s NCAA men’s and women’s basketball championship teams. A whole lot of money is wagered in what is commonly called “bracketology.” Some people pick winning teams based on talent or the track record of the coach. I’ve even heard of others picking their champion based on school colors or a given school’s mascot.

What would you say if I told you that I know who knows the tournament champion? He may or may not reveal the outcome to us, but God knows. Maybe that’s why so many pictures and captions will show people praying during the final seconds of a game. Regardless, only God knows who the winners will be. How? Because he is the champion over all!

God created all and knows it all. In fact, he is the giver of life and breath. He does extreme things like giving power to live a righteous life as well as being tenderhearted enough to hold your hand on a daily basis. God sets captives free and gives sight to the blind. With all of this and more in the mind of the prophet Isaiah, I’m picking the God of the universe as my champion during March Madness every year.

Thank God for being the ultimate champion!

Jim Dunn serves The Wesleyan Church as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

PS—This week’s Scriptures follow the Bible Daily Readings in Wesley Bible Lesson Commentary, Volume 7, page 219.

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