Listen to today’s devo!

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. (Ps. 48:14)

I have watched several television shows featuring a tour guide showing people around, directing them, or showing them the sights of the area they are visiting. The guide is the one the tourists can go to for information on places to go, where to shop, and things like that. By observing these shows, I’ve realized that guides are important to have, especially when we are unfamiliar with the places we are going.

I am so thankful I have a guide for my life. I am grateful that God leads me and that he knows the best way for me to go. I have the Bible I can go to for advice. I can also pray to find guidance for my life and help and hope for the days when life is hard. When I am met with questions I cannot answer, I can turn to the Father for help. I can look to the Word he has provided or I can pray; I have Someone who will help me.

Just like a tour guide directs a trip, God directs lives. I am very thankful that I have him to turn to and that I can allow him to direct my life. He is worthy of our praise, trust, and respect. He has proved that his plans and his directions for our lives are better than our own.

Know that God is the ultimate guide for life.

Augustine Gidney is a Wesleyan pastor’s kid and recent graduate from Kingswood University, where she majored in counseling and children’s ministry.

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