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And I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things. (2 Peter 1:15)

The letter began with “To my dearest.” My grandfather wanted my grandmother to know that she was his highest prize in life. He memorialized this reality with ink on paper where it would remain during his life and afterward. As he celebrated the birth of his beautiful new daughter from a war-time distance, he did so with intentionality and love. I discovered that yellowed letter among my own dying mother’s precious possessions, and the evidence of my young grandfather’s love for his sweet wife and family echoed into my present day, seventy-seven years later.

Peter lived with legacy on his mind and was diligent to press intentionality onto the hearts of the Gentile believers. He knew that his life was to be spent for the sake of the gospel, and he desired that it would echo the message of Christ long after his death. Peter lived to strengthen the new believers in their faith so they could withstand the persecution they faced. But he also longed to leave behind a legacy of discipleship, prompting him to memorialize in the pages of his letters the reality of his life and witness and the urgency to disciple others. He wanted the reality of the gospel to continue for generations.

We are also invited to craft lives and legacies that radiate the reality of Jesus now, and that echo after we are gone.

Take every opportunity to build a legacy that radiates Jesus.

Elizabeth Rhyno is a wife and mom, life coach, entrepreneur, and worship pastor. She is a champion for helping people let joy loose by uncovering the purpose that God designed in them.

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