Reflecting the heart of God, Christians at their best are known as people who take special care of orphans. It’s thrilling to see believers today still earning that reputation. More Wesleyan churches are emphasizing adoption and foster care locally as well as through international outreach to orphan projects such as Global Partners ministries in China and Haiti. Any church or family can be a part of this growing movement on Orphan Sunday–November 8, or pick a Sunday of your choice in November. Learn more at Orphan Sunday (Christian Alliance for Orphans).

Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to be united in celebration of God’s heart for adoption, foster care, and global orphan care. Please consider observing one Sunday in November as Orphan Sunday activities in your church family.

One simple, but powerful, way to celebrate Orphan Sunday 2015 is by using ” The Orphan’s Table.” Churches and families can order these free of charge except for shipping. They include simple packaged meals typically served to orphans worldwide, along with discussion and prayer guides.

In addition, show or post the one of 26 videos on orphan ministries available here!

Pastor Kyle Ray has challenged the Wesleyan church in Kentwood, Mich., to get involved by actually adopting orphans or caring for foster children. Previously, fifty families stepped forward and have been doing just that. (Read about it here.)

If your heart hurts for the orphan, use Orphan Sunday in November to spread the vision in your church.

General Superintendent Jo Anne Lyon and the executive cabinet of The Wesleyan Church have identified Orphan Sunday as a special Sunday emphasis that is worthy of denomination-wide observance.