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Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. (James 1:9)

Expanded Passage: James 1:9-18

This past December, I had a milestone birthday! It seems the specific milestone I’ve reached causes many people to engage in self-reflection. This Scripture passage serves as a reminder that the things of this life, including material wealth and personal accomplishments, come to an end. What lasts are those spiritual milestones and breakthroughs that usher us toward what’s to come. We live in this world, but our worth does not come from the material things we value in this world or from the emotional ties we grasp. What lasts goes beyond what this world has to offer. In moments of trial, we must hold on to our faith, because we can’t always see the promised reward.

As followers of Jesus, we deal with adversity by knowing there is a promise ahead. We may not always have what the “other guy” has, but as believers in Jesus, we focus our hearts and minds on what is to come. Yes, God’s kingdom is here in this world because of what Jesus did on earth, but it’s also waiting in eternity in ways we cannot yet imagine, and we have to walk through this flashy and competitive world to get there. There is always more to chase after, but it will never be enough. Chase after Jesus! He is the reward worth the wait.

Focus on spiritual wealth—the only treasure worth chasing.

Holly Atkinson is a graduate of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Wesley Seminary (IN). She serves as an assistant principal at a private school in Florida and is married to Pastor Derek Atkinson. They have two girls.

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