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He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. (Col. 1:28)

Why do you work? That may be a loaded question. Some work to pay the bills. Others work because they find great fulfillment in what they do. Still others work as a means to position themselves for something greater or for perceived power.

However, a crucial building block of Christian character is a personal commitment to God’s work. The gospel continues to be spread throughout the world because of the efforts and labor of those individuals committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. God calls each of us to have a role in his global plan. While that might look different for each of us, we are a part of it as we do our work as a witness to proclaim him.

We often think sharing Christ is for full-time pastors or missionaries. The truth is this work is for everyone. No one is exempt! The good news you have is not just for you—it is for everyone in your neighborhood, your place of employment, even at your grocery store. We as believers have experienced the hope and glory of Jesus Christ. The glorious riches of God’s mercy have been made known to us, and we want to share that same goodness with the people in our everyday lives. Why would we keep such life-changing news to ourselves?

Ask God to reveal how your work can present Christ well.

Scott Simmons serves as lead pastor of Kernersville Wesleyan Church (NC). He previously served The Wesleyan Church as director of youth ministries.

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