Reflecting on the past year, we collected the top posts from The Wesleyan Church.

Most watched

Dr. Wayne Schmidt introduces the Articles of Religion (AoR) series, where he reflects on the reason our AoRs were created in the first place and sets the stage for the videos to come. 

Most liked and shared

Steve DeNeff spoke at The Gathering 2023 this year, sharing lessons on what it means to wrestle with God. Steve tells us:

Some of the most sacred work you will do is not in your office or on a platform but in the night as you wrestle and struggle with the Lord.” 


Want to hear more? Watch Steve’s full talk from The Gathering 2023. 

Most commented

On May 28, Wesleyan’s around the world celebrated Pentecost Sunday by participating in “Discover TOGETHER,” where we prayed in unity, asking the Holy Spirit to move on us again. 

Most downloaded

It’s number ONE for the second year in a row! The most downloaded 2023 resource was “The Discipline of The Wesleyan Church 2022.” Grab it today. 

Most read article

Keeping up with the AoR theme, Dr. Thomas Armiger’s article “The Power of God’s Word” was the one you were most interested in reading.

Most listened

The most listened to Daily Devo for 2023 is March 20’s, Stand Firm in the Midst of Ridicule,” written by Tara Klein and read by Matthew Tietje. Tara challenges us to “display God’s love by standing firm today.” Subscribe to the podcast for a two-minute daily devotion at! 

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Marie Drascic is the media and marketing coordinator of Communication and Administration of The Wesleyan Church.