Reflecting on the past year, we collected the top social media posts from The Wesleyan Church:

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On June 23, Kimberly Gladden (Director of Discipleship) gathered a panel to discuss the relationship between racism, resistance and righteousness and address the question: “How does a Christian worldview impact daily living in times of challenge and turbulence?”

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Even though Easter was different in 2020, the church continued to focus on Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life.

And in March, as the world around us began to change and adapt to the realities of Coronavirus, our community held to the truth expressed in Hebrews chapter 10:

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This year’s most shared post is the story about English Wesleyan Church, a small congregation in Indiana with an average weekly attendance of 40-50 people. But for the last couple of years, by the providence of God and the help of several people, they have touched their community with compassion, love and groceries. In 2019, the church furnished food to 14,619 people!

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On Pentecost Sunday, The Wesleyan Church hosted TOGETHER: a Pentecost prayer event, and the people of the church showed up to pray. Wesleyans from 40+ nations celebrated Pentecost, praying for the Holy Spirit to be unleashed in us, so that we may be Unleashed as a Kingdom Force from Everywhere to Everywhere.

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