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Paul and Barnabas appointed elders for them in each church and, with prayer and fasting, committed them to the Lord. (Acts 14:23)

Expanded Passage: Acts 14:23–25

If you’ve ever had a child learn to drive, you know it is quite the experience. Nowadays many people hire a professional, but when I was growing up, my dad would take me out on the dusty roads of Fort Bragg and turn me loose. I’m sure there may have been all manner of laws broken during those moments, but it did get the job done. Now, we simply trust that the in-class time and the road time with the driver’s education instructor was sufficient, and that our children can hold their own. As I watched one parent get into the car with their child recently, I looked back at a friend and said, “That is a whole lot of trust right there.” I think we both knew we weren’t talking about the skill of the young driver or their instructor, but that parent’s trust in God.

It seems Paul and Barnabas had a similar trust working on their behalf. They did what they could with those they appointed and raised up. They prayed and fasted. But at some point, they had to commit them to the Lord and trust that God’s got it. Do you have trouble trusting God with other people? I know at times I do, but this passage reminds us that ultimately it is God’s church and his people. Where he guides, he will provide.

Trust God today with the people he has sent you to serve.

Santes Beatty is a husband and father who loves traveling, writing, cooking, and equipping leaders. He is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and serves with parachurch organizations.

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