Mozambique, Africa: land of hot, hot sun, burning sand, beautiful landscape, and most of all kind, loving, humble people.

The Kansas District mission team of seven people found themselves in the middle of all this in November. We were excited to go and to partner with the Mozambique Wesleyan Church. We were building a fourth church in four years. We poured foundation, laid block, constructed rafters, and after a lot of hard work the roof was on and the church was usable. The finishing touches would be done by the local people. Each church will accommodate about 200 people. Three of the churches were also new church plants. We raise enough funds each year to completely finish the church. Thank you, Kansas, for your generosity. Special thanks to each team member who worked so tirelessly to finish the project in that hot African sun.

We worshipped on Sunday in the communities where we have built churches. This year we visited Chidengale, Manjacaze, and Chibuto, three of the four places we have built. The four churches also including Jakazane are thriving and seeing many new converts. We met many new Christians when we visited Manjacaze, last year’s church plant. What a joy to celebrate what God is doing in that city.

Chibuto, this year’s church plant, was built in 12 days. There were many challenges including losing a property we had purchased only to see God connect us with the mayor who promptly gave us a place to build stating, “I like what you are doing in our city and I want you to succeed.”

There was also the night when people from the new community, unknown to us, surrounded the new building site to protect it from thieves. God confirmed this new church plant several times. The last Sunday we were blessed to worship in the newest church in Mozambique. There were about 250 people present for the first Sunday in the new Chibuto Wesleyan Church. The surrounding churches and community came to celebrate what God is doing under the hot African sun.

We are blessed to have the privilege of partnering with Christians 10,000 miles from Kansas.
God richest blessings on the wonderful people of Mozambique.

Darrell Allison is the Kansas District Global Partners director.