United Wesleyan Church in Easley, South Carolina, has successfully purchased and flipped its second house in two years to support overseas missionaries. The first house, flipped in 2016, netted $25,000 in support of local missionaries stationed in Austria. The second house went to closing September 21, 2018, and netted $43,700 to support missionaries with Global Partners destined for Haiti: South Carolina Wesleyans, Daniel and Deanna Stanley and Greg Edmonds.

The Stanleys were given $15,000 to help complete their needed support to move to Haiti to serve as full-time missionaries. Greg Edmonds was given $28,700 to support trips to Haiti with the purpose of rebuilding churches destroyed by a 2017 hurricane. Both houses were flipped using church volunteer labor.

Rev. Tim Jones, United Wesleyan’s lead pastor, is thrilled to announce that the church is planning to flip a third house in 2019 to support church planting in the Carolinas.

“God continues to bless these projects from beginning to end, first by giving us a member at United, Jeff Galloway, who is a contractor who dedicates his spare time and talents to serve mission projects,” said Jones. “We can only flip these houses with the help of many church volunteers who put in many hours to serve others. We saw a need in Haiti and God used this project to help us supply that need. Now he has laid a burden of church planting on our hearts and that is our next goal.”

Pictured, left to right: Tim Jones, Greg Edmonds, Jeff Galloway (local builder and UWC member) and Deana and Daniel Stanley.