I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one. (John 17:22)

YOU WOULD HAVE TO SEE IT to believe it. A tourist shot the eight-minute home video in September 2004 at the Transport Dam watering hole in Kruger National Park, South Africa. “Battle at Krueger” depicts a confrontation involving a herd of Cape buffalo, a small pride of lions, and a crocodile. Lions first capture a buffalo calf at the edge of the watering hole. Several lions pin the calf while the angry herd circles back around the scene. Meanwhile, a crocodile attempts to pull the helpless calf from the lions’ clutches. The calf appears doomed.

Eventually, however, the herd asserts itself. A large bull charges a lion, tossing it with his horns. Then, another bull charges. The herd closes ranks and closes in on the lions until the last of them flees and the wounded calf is folded into the herd. This is the power of unity.

Jesus prayed that we may be one, united in Him, united with one another, and united with the Father. Together, we are a formidable force. We encourage one another. We draw strength by being together. United we stand; divided we fall. Don’t allow yourself, or others, to become easy prey for our Enemy, the Devil. Refuse to be divided by disagreements or worn down by differences. Do not neglect gathering for worship. Stand together!

Go to church this week.

Lawrence W. Wilson is the author of A Different Kind of Crazy (WPH), coauthor of The Long Road Home (WPH), and lives near Indianapolis, Indiana.