When Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. (Matt. 2:3)


WILLIAM J. SEYMOUR was an American minister best known for his involvement in the Azusa Street Revival during the early 1900s. At a time when separation of both race and gender was expected, this movement was characterized by the radical fellowship of both black and white, male and female, pouring out their hearts to God side by side. Seymour himself was a black man. Though blind in one eye and lacking formal education, his hunger for God went unmatched, and the Lord used him mightily.

Have you ever thought it strange that the Magi knew more about the coming Messiah than Herod and “all Jerusalem”? Shouldn’t the Lord’s own people have been the first to know about their coming King? Theoretically, they were the most qualified, having both the Law and Prophets as their guides! But yet, the Magi were the ones who knew about the star and the coming of the Messiah.

Many of us feel unqualified and unequipped for God’s work. So often the ministry he has called us to, whether in the marketplace or mission field or motherhood, makes absolutely no sense. But when I see biblical examples like the Magi or men like William Seymour, I find relief. We don’t need to be the best to know God or do his work. Jesus can do more with a surrendered heart than we can ever imagine.


Remember, anyone who hungers for God is qualified for his work.


Meghan Baker describes herself as a broken person in desperate need of God’s presence every day. She has a beautiful man and young daughter with whom she is blessed to run life’s race.


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