Thank you for praying for our Wesleyan family and the people of Bangladesh! The following has been received from Joshe Bose, district superintendent of Bangladesh:

Dear Ministry Partner and Prayer supporters and Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in His wonderful name!

It is my great joy to write and update you regarding Cyclone Fani. First of all, thank our Father God who is controlling everything. Thanking you, dear prayer supporters. I am completely confident that your prayer saved millions of lives in India and Bangladesh.

We have a great concern for the huge devastation in India. May the Lord bless the people there and give them every comfort and blessing they need. We are thanking the Lord for a quick calming down of the storm, and finally the cyclone became weaker. It has moved into a deep rain. We can tell you that there is almost no damage by the Cyclone Fani in Bangladesh compared with what hit India. There, an embankment of several rivers collapsed and water entered localities. As a result, the crops, land and fish ponds are flooded and many resources damaged in those places.

During the storm and the day before, many people came to our two cyclone shelters and orphanage building. In our John Cyclone Shelter, about 200 people took shelter. In Dacop Cyclone Shelter, 100+ people came and also in our orphanage building about 15 to 20 people came and stayed about one day and one night. We provided them with food during this time. Our staff stayed with them during this period to ensure the proper care as the most vulnerable people took shelter at this time. We thank the Almighty Lord that he saved the people here. We also thankful to him that he provided us the opportunity minister to his people when it is was needed!

Thanking you all for praying for saving life. Once again it is proven that the Lord answers our prayer and that anything can be done in prayer. So please never give up your faith but please grow every day in prayer. May the Lord bless you all!

In his grace!