But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. (Eph. 4:7)

Christmas is coming! Only fifty-one days away! All year long I have been jotting down gift ideas in my secret purple folder that is hidden where my children cannot find it. As I glance at each name on my gift list, I mull over the person in my mind. The gifts I choose must be appropriate for them. What will they use? What will they enjoy? What will get them so excited that they cannot wait to tell all their friends what they received?

God gave careful planning and thought when He gave gifts to each of His children. His gifts to us are tailor-made, not randomly assigned or picked out of a grab bag.

God also has a purpose for each gift. He does not want us to neglect or hoard our gifts. He wants us to use all of them, share them, and, yes, even enjoy them!

Ask the Lord for guidance on how you can use your gifts to build up the body of Christ. Dust off a gift you haven’t used in a while. Rather than begrudgingly use your gifts as if they were a chore, think of your gifts as handpicked by God and wrapped in beautiful paper. He excitedly waits for you to unwrap it and cheerfully put your gift to use.

Prayerfully and purposefully use your gifts today.

Rachel Schmoyer is a pastor’s wife, mom of four, and has a degree from Cairn University. She enjoys biographies of the First Ladies.