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It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. (Lam. 3:26)

Expanded Passage: Lamentations 3:25-27

During long layovers, travelers can sit quietly in airports for hours on end—no giving up and leaving out of impatience. They can stay in the exact same spot for so long because they are waiting in expectation for something they are sure will eventually happen. They know their plane will arrive and it is worth waiting for.

Jeremiah showed a similar certainty that God’s salvation would arrive, and he said that it is good not only to wait on God, but to do so quietly and expectantly. The idea of waiting quietly for God can be a difficult one to put into practice in a world where we are used to finding the answers to all our questions within five seconds of asking them. We eat fast food, drive fast cars, and get anything we want shipped directly to our door in as little as a day after we decided we wanted it.

However, seeking God is different, because it requires patience. When we sit down to spend time in prayer, it can be easy to have a mindset of expecting immediate answers, guidance, and encounters with God’s presence. But Jeremiah reminded us that it is good to wait quietly and patiently for God. Like travelers waiting for their flight, we can sit in expectation, because we are certain that in his timing, not ours, God shows up.

Wait patiently and expectantly for God.

Grace Aukerman is a recent Kingswood University graduate who is passionate about coffee and about sharing God’s truth through the written word.

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