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God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Recently, we put up some strings of light to decorate our patio. It took a good amount of effort to install posts and then to stretch the lights out and attach them to the posts. But when the project was finished, we were pleased with how the new lights enhanced the ambience of an already pleasant spring or summer evening. They add visual warmth and interest and motivate us to spend more time on the patio than we have in the past.

Light, though, is much more than a decoration. It is essential for life. Light makes it possible for all living things to grow and be healthy. So, when John said that “God is light,” in a way, he was saying that God is the source of all life and health. If we want to experience those things—as we all do—then it’s necessary to allow ourselves to receive the light of God into our lives. This is what John referred to as “walking in the light.”

Walking in the light doesn’t mean that we never make mistakes or mess up in any way. It involves opening ourselves up to growing continually in awareness of God’s presence in our lives and world. As we walk in the light, God helps us grow into fully mature people.

—Kevin R. Scott

Seek to grow in awareness of God’s presence.