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Do not be afraid, though briers and thorns are all around you and you live among scorpions. (Ezek. 2:6)

Expanded Passage: Ezekiel 2:6

When children are afraid of the dark, we tell them they don’t need to be scared. We tell them to pray for God to help them be brave and reassure them there is nothing to be afraid of. Much of the time, they don’t believe us. But we want them to believe us so badly. We know their bedrooms are safe, that monsters don’t exist, and that shadows on the wall are harmless.

Sometimes I think this is how God sees us! He’s told us, over and over, not to be afraid because he is always with us. But do we believe him? Or do we stress out for no reason? God wants to ease this burden of fear, and we see that plainly in Ezekiel 2:6, when he told Ezekiel it was okay to go ahead, even with the perceived dangers around him.

Now, we also tell children that it is not safe to walk outside alone in the dark or get in a car with strangers. There are certainly valid times to be afraid, like when we are not walking in God’s will. But Ezekiel knew he was following the Lord and therefore, he could trust God’s assurance that he need not be afraid. We, too, can trust that when God says he’s with us, he is. We need not be like children afraid of the dark.

If you are walking with God, trust his promise.

Ericka Andersen is a member of Waterline Church in Fishers, Ind.. She’s a wife and mom to two and enjoys writing, podcasting, running, and country music.

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