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Yet I will show love to Judah; and I will save them. (Hos. 1:7)

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of helping my grandfather with projects around his home. It felt good to contribute to something that was important to him. With some age and a little wisdom, I now understand that my contribution wasn’t as helpful as my grandfather’s kindness let on. In fact, I might have been a hindrance at times.

The Lord’s work in this world—from before Hosea’s time until now—has always involved humanity, but it has never been predicated on human effort. That notion could make us feel small and unnecessary. However, there is an important perspective to be considered. What does it say about our omnipotent Father that he chooses to involve us in moving his story throughout history? When viewed through this lens, a clearer image of the nature of the Father comes into focus. He does not consider his children resources or commodities to be used to meet an end. The creator of the universe chooses to partner with you to accomplish his work across all of creation.

The Father doesn’t need you. He wants you. Let that sink in. He can, without any effort, accomplish any task. But because he has immense love for you, and he delights in you becoming who he created you to be, he desires for you to come alongside him and give him a hand.

Partner with the Father in his work in your world.

Matt Rhodes is colead pastor of Parkside Church in Greenville, SC. He is passionate about seeing people discover and live out the unique call that God has placed on their life.

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