Brothers and sisters, several counties in WV (part of Shenandoah District) have been affected with emergency “toxic” water issues. Dangerous chemicals have gotten into the water supply and the people cannot use it for anything but flushing toilets. This problem affects several of our local churches and we as a church family should respond. The shelves of stores are empty of water and the people are in need. Some of the people in the area just got their electricity back on from the winter storms and now have the water issues. The government issued the “stop using” order late on Thursday, Jan. 9, and no one knows how long it will be in effect. 300,000 people are directly affected.

I have talked with Pastors Chris Shinn and Jason Page earlier today (Friday) and they have shared what is needed. Water of course is the huge need, the most urgent. They also have need for hand sanitizer or wipes of some kind that can help with cleaning needs…. Our Wesleyan family is affected by this, but so are many other people that Faith Community Church in Charleston and Grace Church in Culloden want to respond to. What an opportunity to minister “a cup of cold water in Jesus name!” I would love for churches within driving distance to consider helping out.

Here is the plan….

1. Collect water, hand sanitizer, etc and transport it to Charleston or Culloden, WV. Call Chris Shinn at 304- 539-4936 if you are taking the supplies to Faith Church (Charleston) which is a staging ground; call Jason Page at 304-634-5638 if you want to take/send supplies to Grace (Culloden) which is also a drop off point.

2. Would you consider taking an offering of compassion on Sunday that could be put in Chris or Jason’s hands for added supplies that may surface? This water issue will last some time; the toxic leak has been stopped but it will take time for the systems to become decontaminated.

3. Chris is requesting 5 gallon containers that can be filled again and again that they can use during this emergency. These containers can be purchased at a place like Sam’s, Lowe’s, etc I think….

This is an opportunity for us to partner in a crisis; let’s do it!

Thank you! Feel free to call me if you have further questions. Again, Chris and Jason are the guys to connect with. God bless you!