We live in strange and uncertain times. The pandemic has changed so much about the way we all minister and live. It has given us new challenges, but it has also opened new opportunities to transform lives, churches and communities.

Wesleyans in congregations across North America face similar challenges and opportunities. Our country faces historic levels of unemployment, economic uncertainty and social disruption.

Wesleyan lay and clergy have a powerful ally as they navigate these challenges—their Wesleyan colleges and universities (WE-5.org). Our Wesleyan colleges and universities are committed together to advance the mission of The Wesleyan Church. One avenue of support is equipping marketplace multipliers for a shifting work landscape.

Research shows that the workers most affected by economic downturns are those without a college degree. Following are some new degrees, programs and special resources from our schools to help adults in Wesleyan churches as they minister to their community needs and fulfill God’s calling on their lives through their work.

Houghton College:

  • Partner Discount offers a 20-percent online program discount for churches or networks of churches having at least five online-degree seeking students.
  • Race in American Christianity is a Christ-centered approach to understanding and dismantling racism in our culture taught by Julian Cook, leader of Houghton’s East Side Buffalo Center.

Indiana Wesleyan University:

  • UpSkill Forward: is an affordable way to gain employable credentials for specific in-demand jobs in aerospace, automotive and commercial industries, including manufacturing, retail and logistics.
  • Wesleyan Adult Education Pathway Scholarship: proof of membership in a local Wesleyan church confirms eligibility for a 15-percent tuition reduction scholarship. Some restrictions apply.

Kingswood University:

Kingswood Extended helps congregations learn and grow through certificate, undergraduate, graduate level education or personal enrichment. Their delivery model accommodates family, work and life demands.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University:

CROSS Training, one of many online program options, prepares congregants for kingdom ministry in the pulpit or public square.

Southern Wesleyan University:

 Flex Ministry Program equips students in churches who are pursuing their kingdom calling through dual-enrollment, degree-completion or ministry-credentialing. This program is affordable, flexible, self-paced and may even recognize prior ministry and learning experience for college credit.

Wesley Seminary:

Lay and clergy looking to re-engage or retool their professional ministry skills and knowledge can choose to enroll in an M.A., M.Div. or D.Min. program or audit a class (in English and Spanish) at  Wesley Seminary.

Our WE5 Wesleyan schools and Wesley Seminary hope these professional and ministry development opportunities will be another tool in equipping lay and clergy during this challenging season. Houghton College, Indiana Wesleyan University, Kingswood University, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Southern Wesleyan University and Wesley Seminary are honored to partner together in developing a Kingdom Force to transform lives, churches and communities through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ.