The Wesleyan Church is being proactive in informing churches and clergy on how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects them.

Kevin Batman, General Treasurer of The Wesleyan Church, hosted a free webinar on April 8, 2014, for Wesleyan pastors who wanted to learn more about the Affordable Care Act to “assist church leaders as they structure clergy and staff compensation especially in terms of health insurance premiums and related expenses.”

A total of 139 webinar participants posed 83 questions for Frank Sommerville, an attorney and certified public accountant.

“Our intent was to bring them current with where regulations are presently and give them a chance to ask questions,” said Batman. Of the 83 questions submitted, half of them were answered.

Batman said the ACA affects all pastors with “wide-ranging effects. Regulations have made it so that health insurance premiums that were formerly tax-free are now taxable income.”

For those who have questions about how the ACA affects them, e-mail Read more about the ACA or view a PowerPoint of the webinar.