Each week, both Wesleyans and Wesleyan churches are featured in online news publications. As we are alerted to those news items, we are privileged to pass them along. If you see a news item that relates to Wesleyans, please forward to communications@wesleyan.org. The following are sample news items:

Man to attend church 1,000 consecutive Sundays in promise to dying mother

A South Dakota man is closing in on 1,000 consecutive Sunday services at Crossroads Wesleyan Church after he promised his dying mother that he would find a church and regularly attend.

IWU announces first Illinois Center

Indiana Wesleyan University has announced its first service center in Illinois. The Naperville, Ill., facility will primarily serve online students.

Oklahoma Wesleyan to sue government over ACA

Oklahoma Wesleyan University plans to sue both the Obama Administration and Department of Health and Human Services over the Affordable Care Act.

IWU to create digital campus

Indiana Wesleyan University plans to partner with Pearson to create a digital campus. The project’s initial phase will launch in March 2014.