Each week, both Wesleyans and Wesleyan churches are featured in online news publications. As we are alerted to those news items, we are privileged to pass them along. If you see a news item that relates to Wesleyans, please forward to communications@wesleyan.org. The following are sample news items:

Sabres ‘Anthem Guy’ leads purposeful life beyond center ice

Doug Allen graduated from Houghton and is the Worship Leader at Fellowship Wesleyan Church in West Seneca.

Church pays off neighborhood center 17 years later

Capital Park mortgage burning: Capital Park Wesleyan Church leaders burned the mortgage for the $450,000 Southeast Neighborhood Community.

Armbrust Wesleyan Church begins offering free community meals

The members of the Armbrust Wesleyan Church are inviting the community to come and break bread with them.

These colleges will pay your student loan bills

A small but growing group of colleges, including Houghton College, are guaranteeing students that they will help them pay their student loan bills until they secure a well-paying job.