Each week, both Wesleyans and Wesleyan churches are featured in online news publications. As we are alerted to those news items, we are privileged to pass them along. If you see a news item that relates to Wesleyans, please forward to communications@wesleyan.org. The following are sample news items:

Child sex trafficking taking a toll across Georgia, officials say

The Georgia Attorney General attended an anti-human trafficking summit sponsored by Hope Haven, a Wesleyan ministry at Hephzibah, and directed by Beth Morris. State officials are amplifying the Hope Haven message and ministry.

Cultivate Holland seeks to eliminate poverty through jobs

Instead of teaching people how to fish, one lakeshore organization is seeking to teach how to deliver a whole school of fish to people in need. Ray David of Central Wesleyan Church is co-founder of this ministry.

University president applauds Supreme Court’s decision

The U. S. Supreme Court should be applauded for its ruling on May 5, which reinforces the concept of freedom of religion in public meetings, Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Everett Piper has told the Digital Journal.

Counseling room named for Pastor Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews was honored April 12 at Southern Wesleyan University in Central by the naming of the Pastor Fred Andrews Counseling Room of the Nicholson-Mitchell Christian Ministry Center, thanks to donations from his family, friends and members of ALIVE Wesleyan Church’s congregation.