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“The eye is the lamp of the body.” (Matt. 6:22)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 6:22-23

Owls are interesting creatures. They have incredible binocular vision, offering them great depth perception. Owls are extremely sensitive to light, with irises adjusting to accommodate night or day vision, and reflective surfaces near the retina to grab all the light it can.

While many birds and animals move their eyes back and forth, up and down, owls cannot. Their eyes are stationary, requiring them to directly face an object. To see clearly, they must have a singular focus.

Jesus uses one small but vital part of the body, the eye, to illustrate a greater spiritual reality—light and darkness or good and evil in a person’s life. When one’s spiritual eye is focused on God, the whole life is full of light, able to live into the fullness of his kingdom. The stuff of life will not be a distraction but become a resource for doing good.

If the spiritual eye is unhealthy, it is unfocused; evil and darkness reign in that life. Everything but God commands one’s attention and attempts to satisfy the heart’s desires. Darkness and self take center stage . . . often without one realizing it.

Like the owl, we need to have a singular focus to see clearly. Divided focus will give us double vision, making us spiritually sick. Our focus must be on God.

Keep your eyes fixed on God

Angela Alvarado is the assistant editor for Communication and Administration of The Wesleyan Church and a graduate of Wesley Seminary, (IN).

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