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But you have said, “I will surely make you prosper.” (Gen. 32:12)

The oncologist turned to the resident and said, “This child should have died many times, and we do not know why he’s still alive.” This was my son, Stephen, who had a liver transplant at age two and GI bleeds for another seven years. Miracles were listed in his medical file. I knew that God created him and had a purpose for his life, but there were still hard days.

Over twenty years, God increased Jacob’s possessions and family. God led him to leave his subservient position under his father-in-law and protected him from Laban’s jealous rage. But Jacob was still in an uncomfortable position with only God to rely on. What did prosperity really mean for him?

Jacob and I had no choice but to seek God. We feared losing the lives of our loved ones, while at the same time trusting God with them. Stephen stated what true prosperity means. After colon surgery, he shared a room with a boy who had cancer. Stephen asked, “Mom, can I go home to be with Jesus now and can my roommate come with me?” Prosperity is being filled with God’s love for Christ and for others. It is a life full of hope and unconditional trust in God. It is becoming the person God created us to be, and that takes struggles. Are you the person God wants you to be?

Be prosperous in God’s love

Dale Witkowski is a lay pastor, sanctuary steward, blog contributor, and Sunday school teacher at Horseheads Community Wesleyan Church in New York. She is also an artist and a poet.

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