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He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock. (Ps. 40:2)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 40:1-4

Early mornings often find me creating in my basement office. Most mornings, it’s just me and the space heater, humming along. But sometimes a thump interrupts the quiet, indicating a little animal trapped in my egress window well. One morning, I heard the thump, quietly insistent. A baby rabbit had fallen into my pit. My sleepy-eyed son was the hero that day, as he climbed down the ladder into the window well, gently gathered the trembling creature into his arms, and lifted it up to safety.

The psalmist David remembered when he too was helpless in the pit, but the Lord turned to him and heard his cry, lifted him from the muck, and gave him firm ground and a new song. This psalm, penned before our salvation story of furnace and fury, reminds us of three other Israelite men with a similar song of testimony and praise. They faced the proud king, but neither trusted nor worshiped him. The Rescuer heard their steadfast words. And, just as he did for David in the pit, he stepped down into that furnace and set them free.

God hears your helpless cry too. See him step down into your story of mud and mire or fury and flame. See him loosen your bindings, clean off the muck, and change your cry to sweet songs of praise. See what he can do!

See God your rescuer. Put your trust in him to save you!

Jamie Hilty lives in northern Indiana with her pastor-husband, Josh. She spends her days reading aloud to her kids, planning retreats, and avoiding the dishes.

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