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Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control. (Prov. 25:28)

As a child, my sister and I memorized all the songs from The Music Machine: The Fruit of the Spirit. The chorus to the song about self-control went like this:

Self-control is just controlling myself / It’s listening to my heart / And doing what is smart / Self-control is the very best way to go / So I think that I’ll control myself

Plenty of voices tell us just to do what we feel like, no matter who or what it might impact. But God calls us to a higher standard. He encourages us to exercise self-control so that we don’t do or say things that will harm us or others. God sent the Holy Spirit to help us with our self-control. We don’t have to jump into situations just because we feel like it. We need to examine whether our choices are in line with God’s best for our lives.

Marriages, families, governments, businesses, churches, and relationships have all been destroyed because of the lack of self-control. God gave us the opportunity for free will: that means we get to choose how we respond. Self-control helps us choose wisely and not give in to lust, greed, selfishness, or overindulgence. We can ask the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts and minds so that we reflect Christ.

Ask God where you need to exercise more self-control.

Belinda Selfridge is a Wesleyan pastor, Tri-State district administrator, OKWU adjunct professor, motorcyclist, creative frugalist, singer, and bass player.

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