Let the temple be rebuilt as a place to present sacrifices, and let its foundations be laid. (Ezra 6:3)

 WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF MOUTHS. Yes, there is a real thing in society called “word of mouth,” which spreads even more swiftly in our day thanks to social media. News is reported in an instant, and many people cherish—seemingly love—to be first, no matter the degree of accuracy. Yet, another phenomenon has slammed into our information age, and it demands our attention: Everyone is speaking at once. With all the noise that infiltrates our minds, you could liken it to a modern-day Babel. It is as if everyone is shouting to gain our attention.

For the Jewish people, it took the decree of King Cyrus for the construction of God’s temple to be completed. It took an order from King Darius to search the records and find Cyrus’s decree. By their authority, God’s temple was finally rebuilt. The authority that King Cyrus had over the Jewish people was out of their control.

Similarly, some have authority today to decree things to us or on us. We cannot control these decrees. But we can ask ourselves: to whom am I listening? Whom have I given permission to speak into my life? Whom or what have I allowed to impact my life? Is it for good? Does it bring about wholesome thoughts and behaviors? In a world that just keeps talking, we must filter through all the voices to recognize that of the King of Kings.

 Learn how to recognize God’s voice and know his decrees.

Jim Dunn is the vice president of church relations for the Wesleyan Investment Foundation. He resides in the Indianapolis area.

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