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Then there came a voice from above the vault over their heads as they stood with lowered wings. (Ezek. 1:25)

Expanded Passage: Ezekiel 1:25-26

Years ago, there was a national news story about “Baby Jessica,” who had fallen into an open well covering and was stuck twenty-two feet down. I was young at the time, but my mom had the news on every hour until Baby Jessica was recovered safely from the well. How terrifying it must have been for that eighteen-month-old girl in the dark, uncomfortable spot without the care and comfort of her mother.

But above the hole, she heard her mother’s voice. She heard a voice saying she was going to be okay and that they were going to get her out of there. Sometimes it feels like that’s where we are with God: stuck in a dark hole and unable to see him.

God’s approach to Ezekiel started with his voice. I don’t know what kind of place Ezekiel was in emotionally or spiritually, but living in exile doesn’t sound like a picnic. Maybe Ezekiel wasn’t quite sure what was happening when the heavens first opened for him. But it was God’s “voice from above the vault” that may have helped Ezekiel know God was there.

Whatever situation we are in, we can always look up and know that God is there. He provides us words of reassurance in Scripture and promises to never leave us. He promises he will get us out of this hole.

Look up, listen, and choose to hear him today.

Ericka Andersen is a member of Waterline Church in Fishers, Ind.. She’s a wife and mom to two and enjoys writing, podcasting, running, and country music.

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