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His clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them. (Mark 9:3)

Keeping white clothes white is nearly an impossible task. When my kids were young, I tried every product available in my quest for whiter whites. Baseball pants were the worst. I often used straight bleach on stubborn dirt and grass stains.

While serving in San Pedro, Guatemala, I observed the women washing their blouses in the lake, laying them out to dry on rocks. I don’t know how they accomplished it, but their blouses were extremely white. I can’t even keep mine white using a washer and dryer.

Can you imagine being with Peter, James, and John on that mountain when Jesus was transfigured? So white—dazzling white! The disciples’ days were spent on or near the water while fishing or traveling in the desert. Dust, gravel, and fish scales were not conducive to wearing white. They, too, would not have been accustomed to seeing such brilliance.

But there is a stain remover that can make us white, pure, and clean forever. It can wash away even the darkest, deepest, hidden, or ground-in stains. What is this miracle-working stain remover? Jesus. His sacrifice on the cross is the only thing that can permanently remove our sin. Nothing else can make white whiter than the crimson blood of Jesus Christ.

Apply his sacrificial stain remover to your life.

Kathy Troyer, and her husband of forty-six years, are active in Cultivate [Wesleyan] Church in Indiana. They love spending time with their family—especially thirteen grandkids.

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