But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. (2 Pet. 3:10)

YEARS AGO MARIE was the secretary in a one-person office for a man who owned several ranches in the outlying counties. He lived in town but frequently drove out to the ranches to converse with his workmen. She never knew when he would arrive at the office or when he would leave. Marie’s hours were stated when he hired her, and he allowed one hour for lunch. She lived nearby and generally went home at lunchtime, but sometimes girls who worked in nearby offices invited her to lunch with them. One of them noticed Marie glance at the clock and asked, “Why watch the time?”

“I only have an hour for lunch.”

The friend laughed. “If I had your boss, I’d come and go as I pleased. He’d never know.”

Some of the people in Peter’s day had begun to think that Jesus would not return, for He had tarried longer than they expected. They probably wondered why they should tell everyone Christ was returning when it seemed He had forgotten them. Peter reminded them that God works on His own timetable, and we never know when Christ will arrive. Therefore, we must live as though He will return at any moment to find us working for Him. The true character of a person is what he or she does when nobody else is looking.

Talk to someone today about Jesus’ return.

Alice Stone Thomas is an adjunct professor of English. In addition to her three children and five grandchildren, she loves to read, write, and garden.