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I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. (Rev. 3:8)

According to British legend, there was once a young boy who accomplished a feat no one else could: he dislodged a sword that had been firmly embedded in stone. It is a well-known story and, like all beloved tales, there is something about it that resonates deeply with us. Arthur was able to pull the sword from the stone, not because he was the strongest, smartest, or greatest of men, but because this humble boy with a pure heart had been chosen for a specific task. Robert de Boron, a thirteenth-century French poet, claimed that the sword in the story, Excalibur, represented justice, and the stone represented Christianity. Therefore, Arthur’s purpose was to rule Britain as a good and just king under the authority of Jesus Christ.

The early church in Philadelphia had a specific mission, and God would ensure that it was fulfilled. No attack from the enemy would be able to thwart God’s plan. Nothing would prevail against this church, not even the devil himself.

The Philadelphian church was one of only two in the list (the other is Smyrna) that received a full commendation and not a single rebuke from Christ. Such praise wasn’t because of their strength (for that was “little” [v. 8]), but because of their faithfulness. These Christians had clung tightly to God in difficult circumstances, and he would not abandon them.

Be confident that God will complete his work in you.

Laura Hurd is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and holds a master’s degree from Wesley Seminary. She pastors with her husband, Jason, in rural Nebraska.

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