Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled. (Matt. 2:17)


MY LITTLE GIRL is currently obsessed with the Disney movie Moana. The premise is that a young girl is destined to save her island from destruction by traveling across the sea on a great mission. Ever since she was little, she was drawn to the sea, but again and again her father tries to keep her safe on the island. But no matter what he does or doesn’t do, the young girl ultimately fulfills her destiny, as it has been ordained since the beginning.

The same beautiful theme runs throughout these chapters in Ezra: God is able to fulfill every promise he has made! He alone can make his words come to pass. We only have to trust and obey.

Has the Lord whispered something deep into your heart that you have been aching to see come to pass? Take heart, beloved. Keep waiting and resting in his faithfulness. We never have to take things into our hands or try to make circumstances happen on our own. Or, like Moana, maybe you have people in your life trying to keep you from fulfilling your purpose—maybe even an assault of Satan is trying to take you out of the race. Whatever your circumstance, you can believe that God has had a destiny written out for you since the beginning of time, and he alone is able to complete all that he has spoken!


Rest in his faithfulness; he can fulfill promises in your life!


Meghan Baker describes herself as a broken person in desperate need of God’s presence every day. She has a beautiful man and young daughter with whom she is blessed to run life’s race.


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