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Bring me some game and prepare me some tasty food to eat, so that I may give you my blessing. (Gen. 27:7)

In the past year, news headlines have accused various government leaders of securing favors for personal friends or family. While people could not agree on whether the allegations were true, they certainly agreed that such cronyism and nepotism happen, and they are abuses of power that destroy trust. Whether it is a parent, teacher, employer, or politician, we hate it when leaders play favorites. The injustice of favoritism is most obvious when leaders grant expensive gifts, lucrative contracts, or influential positions to their close friends and family.

I often marvel at how our world came into existence simply by God’s spoken words! As bearers of God’s image, our spoken words also have power to shape the world. Isaac rightly understood the power of his words to influence his sons. He used his power to favor his firstborn son, the son who hunted the food he craved. Little did he know of the treachery played on him by his wife and youngest son, to show favoritism to the wrong son.

I am so grateful that God shows no favoritism (see Rom. 2:11)! He generously gives to those who seek him without finding fault in them (see James 1:5).

Generously speak blessing to others.

Tamar Eisenmann and her husband are Wesleyan pastors from Jackson, Michigan. She is a Wesley Seminary doctoral student and a fan of Transformers, her kids, and Jesus.

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